Market Appraisal

Home Market Appraisal
by dbt.admin

Most clients confuse Market appraisal with Property valuation. A market appraisal gives you an indication as to how much your property would sell whereas property valuation is legal value used to get finance through the bank. If you want to know the total worth of your property, we are the best to appraise it for you. DBT Properties appraisal report includes the following:

4.1. A street map showing the appraised property and comparable sales used.

4.2. An exterior building sketch.

4.3. An explanation of how the square footage was calculated.

4.4. Photographs of the home front, back and street scene.

4.5. Front exterior photographs of each comparable property used.

4.6. Other pertinent information such as market sales data, public land records and public tax records that the appraiser requires to determine the property fair market value.