Rentals and Property Management

Home Rentals and Property Management
by dbt.admin

We are the leading company in residential and commercial property management. Our property management responsibilities include the following:

  • Finding new tenants – This is the main responsibility of the landlord. We are able to find and attract tenants for you.
  • Tenant screening – This is the process that goes through the prospective tenants. We go through the prospective tenant’s credit history and backgrounds. Through this process we avoid frequent tenant turnover.
  • Handling complaints – Handling complaints is also our responsibility
    as management. We have experience in dealing with a wide array of tenant complaints. We also have experience indealing with evictions.
  • Coordinating tenant turnover – We coordinate when people are moving in and out. We do check the rental space after previous tenants for damages, organise cleaning and fix damages before new tenants move in.
  • Setting, collecting and adjusting rentals – We have new age computer systems to assist in setting and collecting rentals. We ensure deadlines are met and ensure rentals have been paid as per agreement. 
  • Property maintenance – DBT Properties ensures the property stays in good condition and has a safe environment forthe tenants.
  • Securing the property – We secure the property by either contracting security guards or maintaining through property security devices.
  • Overall supervision – To include more visible day to day errands and services.
  • Financial management – This starts from analysing and establishing the right rental rates and calculating costs.
  • Keeping informed – Staying up to date with both the Tenant’s and Landlord needs ensuring a long standing relationship.